Transforming Engineers Through Hands-On Engagement

About Our Lab

This lab is devoted to generating and fostering innovations that improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.  We focus on engineering-driven projects that address challenges that people face in today’s world, using engineering and computing expertise to improve the human experience.  The lab provides students with an excellent opportunity to develop unique solutions for health problems faced by people with disabilities and perform hands-on work while making a difference in someone’s life.  We serve a wide range of individuals and community members seeking assistive technology solutions.


Check out some of our spring 2021 senior projects!

Gallery of TECHE Projects

Meet The Lab Director

Lily Laiho received her Ph.D. from M.I.T. in Mechanical Engineering in 2004. She also holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. Prior to joining Cal Poly, Dr. Laiho was an Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Before beginning her Ph.D., Dr. Laiho worked at ALZA Corporation where she developed components for drug manufacturing equipment prototypes. She also worked at Carco Electronics as a project manager and engineer designing flight motion simulators.

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